+Knight of Scorpio: A lot of "supposed" Christina Aguilera fans be doin the most


Like this:

Not just the fact that the comment was made, but the fact it’s a top comment.

Let me enlighten you, her career started on “Pop”

You don’t understand let me refresh your memory

Case A:

Still don’t get it. Case B:

Some of y’all really kill me. I don’t know is it that…

Go in!!

Christina has always been considered pop so idk what they talkin bout.

+Knight of Scorpio: Am I the only one annoyed by these 3 things?


  • People calling Bionic horrible because of sales, & the media’s perception
  • People running with that fake billboard story when it’s been stated on more than one occasion that it’s false. & even if they didn’t see it posted on Tumblr, you can just google the actual article
  • People actually believe…

Agreed 100%!!!

Funny I was thinking to myself that white people need to learn the definition of thick. I say this b/c everyone I see calling her fat are majority white. I’m sure with them it’s either your slim or fat, there’s no in between. I need society to realize that not everyone is gonna be a size 2-4 like me. People come in all shapes in sizes. It’s ironic thou b/c back in ‘99 when she was a size 2 people wanted her to gain weight b/c she was too thin and looked anorexic. Now she’s too “fat”. Smh.

Like Seriously all this Christina “Lotus” news is about to make me cry


It’s all just so beautiful

Like seriously, it sounds like the album of the decade; and the new decade just started. I mean from the song titles, to the concepts & themes, the story behind the songs, the genre’s, just all of it.

I just wanna pre-order up all the copies.

And then the TOUR.

I just…

Omg I know! I was going crazy reading that interview. I’m sooooo excited!!!!!

+Billboard officially confirms "Your Body" as Christina's new single


& there you go ladies & gentlemen, we have it!


She’s coming y’all!