#TeamLilKim presents “Playtime is Over” (featuring Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj) Part 6 (by AuntDot917)

I may not be a massive fan of Kim, or what she’s “not” doing right now (like putting out music), but fact is fact. Nicki is a big hypocrite, & a follower.

A minute and thirty three seconds in and I’m already looking like this 0_o Chile……….HOT ASS MESS!!! She full of shit.

I may bump some of her songs but like I said that damn ego/attitude of hers needs to be deflated. Like u said she’s a big hypocrite. “I’m not writing lyrics bout any female rapper in the game” Bahahaha. Good one Nicki. Gurl who r those lyrics for then? Nicki needs to realize that every hit artist ain’t gonna stay hot. Every artist that’s successful has a peak and slows down. It’s gonna be funny as hell when she starts embodying those statements that came/come out of her mouth.

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Yes! Lol. I love when people are honest and don’t ride along with the bandwagon wave of delusional wave of bullcrap. This is the truth.

Lol he is too funny. But what he said was true. I used to like Nicki, back when was an unknown girl from New York, but I don’t really like her now. She has the ability to do good songs but since she got big her music has been str8 garbage. And the constant subliminal disses to Lil Kim is unnecessary.

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