So what happened to Perez Hilton saying he has changed after he got punched in the face by Will.I.Am’s manager?  Pshh. 

Why is he so disgusting? And to think he has a child too…..let us all pray. 

Bahaha. Basically
+Knight of Scorpio: I love when all these flops throw shade @ Christina


Kelly *Insert an actual relevant celeb last name here* has been throwing shade at Christina for almost a decade. Especially about her weight (when she was massively overweight as a young adult)

*Christina’s reaction* : has not mentioned her in over a decade.

Result: Kelly apologizes on National…

You betta get these skanks together. lol.

Oh and where did u read/hear Christina is the celeb Perez wants to apologize the most? I would love to read it.