Melanie Fiona album promotions suck!

Dear Roc Nation, I don’t give a damn that Rihanna is your main girl, you still need to promote your other artists also. What’s the point of signing of these talented folks and give them shitty promotions?!

20,000 albums in one week is unacceptable! Melanie can sang her ass off and her album is AMAZING! What’s wrong with y’all? You can promote the hell out of a not so talented girl but don’t do jack for the really talented one? Mel has looks and a voice, do your job and promote her!

The more I listen to Melanie Fiona album the more I like it.

It’s really good! If you can go out and buy it. It’s def. worth your money :)

Just purchased Melanie Fiona’s new album for $10. Target didn’t have the deluxe edition.

I’m mad that some of my favorite songs, that she allowed us to preview on her website, are on the deluxe. smh.

s!b- Plus her deluxe edition was $15 and I’m kind of cheap. lol.

+Small preview of Melanie Fiona's "The MF Life"


Yep def. getting this album.

I think it’s better than her first.

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Unappreciated Black Female Singers Part 2
Top:Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Ledisi 
Middle:Melanie Fiona, VV Brown, and Estelle
Bottom:Angel Taylor,Asa, and Pauline Kamusewu