#TeamLilKim presents “Playtime is Over” (featuring Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj) Part 6 (by AuntDot917)

I may not be a massive fan of Kim, or what she’s “not” doing right now (like putting out music), but fact is fact. Nicki is a big hypocrite, & a follower.

A minute and thirty three seconds in and I’m already looking like this 0_o Chile……….HOT ASS MESS!!! She full of shit.

I may bump some of her songs but like I said that damn ego/attitude of hers needs to be deflated. Like u said she’s a big hypocrite. “I’m not writing lyrics bout any female rapper in the game” Bahahaha. Good one Nicki. Gurl who r those lyrics for then? Nicki needs to realize that every hit artist ain’t gonna stay hot. Every artist that’s successful has a peak and slows down. It’s gonna be funny as hell when she starts embodying those statements that came/come out of her mouth.

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