When I listen to Chrissy’s “Lotus (Intro)” & “Circles”


BTW, Both of these tracks scream “FIGHTER!” To me even more than “Army of Me.” The whole album screams, “FUCK EVERYBODY, I’m a EPIC as hell, & all y’all can lick my 120 million dollar ass, you 2 dolla hoes.”

+Knight of Scorpio: How I feel about Christina Aguliera's current musical status


I don’t care if she sells a million albums, honestly I don’t. I’m old school, I care about the TALENT & QUALITY. I know she doesn’t really care for selling records anymore either, though sometimes I don’t really understand her on that because “Bionic” didn’t sell well & she had been recording that…

Agreed. Everything u stated, you and I have already discussed so u know how I feel :)

Like Seriously all this Christina “Lotus” news is about to make me cry


It’s all just so beautiful

Like seriously, it sounds like the album of the decade; and the new decade just started. I mean from the song titles, to the concepts & themes, the story behind the songs, the genre’s, just all of it.

I just wanna pre-order up all the copies.

And then the TOUR.

I just…

Omg I know! I was going crazy reading that interview. I’m sooooo excited!!!!!

+The QUEEN Missy drops her snippet of "9th Inning" feat. Timbaland


+Knight of Scorpio: I love when all these flops throw shade @ Christina


Kelly *Insert an actual relevant celeb last name here* has been throwing shade at Christina for almost a decade. Especially about her weight (when she was massively overweight as a young adult)

*Christina’s reaction* : has not mentioned her in over a decade.

Result: Kelly apologizes on National…

You betta get these skanks together. lol.

Oh and where did u read/hear Christina is the celeb Perez wants to apologize the most? I would love to read it.