Tf A.O. can sing? I never knew this. And when tf are the other 3 members gonna be added to LC9? I saw pre-debut vids of Rasa singing with them and they can sang! U know what this NEGA. I gotta take baby steps. Well at least 4 of them are back. 

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LC9- The Halftime (Digital Single Teaser)


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SM Ent is going through so much shit this year and I’m here for it. I can’t stand that company.

Anyways I find it weird that SM would completely wipe out all of f(x)’s activities due to one member. Usually if a group member is ill, injured, or leaves they work around it. The explanation was interesting. They’re saying that due to malicious rumors (Choiza got her knocked up rumors) she wants to leave the ent. industry for a brief time and how they want to protect their artist. Chile since when does SM care about their artist? Normally they’re like “suck it up” and make their idols do shit they don’t want to do.

If she really is miserable then I hope she finds the happiness she needs. The entertainment world is brutal. I wouldn’t be surprised if SM disbands f(x). The whole wiping out their schedule what makes me suspicious of this. 

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Why ain’t no one in SM check Exo members and their colorism yet? More so the ones who have lived in the States cuz…………….

Hell who am I kidding. They prob have the same views anyway. smh. 

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Everybody is hyping up Taeyang’s album like it’s the greatest thing that has ever happen. But I felt so underwhelmed. I’m sitting here like “what are y’all listening to?”. I literally skipped through every song. 

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Taeyang isn’t satisfied with this album himself. All these delays might have been the result of creative conflict b/t him and YG. I honestly was expecting this album to be more upbeat and more indie/alternative R&B (like Miguel, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd vibes). Dude has been working on this album for like over a yr, and was flying into LA and NYC to work with different producers, and sit in on sessions with other R&B artist to see their creative process, but in the end it came out sounding like Big Bang/G-Dragon left overs. All them damn tracks with the exception of 1 or 2 was produced by Teddy. I’m tired of Teddy productions. They don’t do a damn thing for me. The album ain’t bad, it’s just mediocre. 

Taeyang also said he wanted to drop a free mixtape but u know YG bitchass ain’t allowing that to happen. 

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Infinite be having good ass songs, videos, and choreography.

I need to stop playing and get into them more. 

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In Kpop news, where the fuck is is LC9?!!!!

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Luhan. smh. 

I’m so sick of Exo members and their colorism. They can go kick rocks. 

Look at how many exo fans are defending Luhan but yesterday were raving about Lee Michelle’s video -__-

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Someone please tell me Taeyang did not just “nigga” in his new song “Ringa Linga”!!!

Like I will fly to S.Korea, find him, and slap his ass if he did.

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  • 8 months ago

I really need Kpop fans to learn the difference b/t KPop and KHipHop. 

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