Calm your tits no, at least not now…

Who knows. They’ll probably just do their own things (I want Yenny to release a solo album. Girl can blow!). Like u said they’ve been around since 2007 and they ain’t as hot as they used to be. She’s probably ready to take a break and have kids later on. Anyways I’m happy for her. Idols won’t be idols forever.

Are people really trying to ship JYP and Gain?! No no no no! Just stop!


JYP and Gain look more like father and daughter than “lovers”.

+Vivi Davvero: JYP Sheds Light on Korea’s Deep-rooted Racial Divide


On the April 8 episode of SBS “K-Pop Star,” Park Jin Young, the producer better known as JYP, made a comment that is sure to generate lots of discussion.

During the show, Lee Michelle, the half-Korean, half-African American contestant with exceptional vocal skills, was…

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+Queen: miss A's 'Touch' mini album review


I haven’t done a review in forever. Anyways.

  • Touch- The video is brillaint. I like the song, but I like it better with the video, the choreography adds some “oomf” to it, but it is nice. I think it’s not as strong and addicting as ‘Good Girl Bad Girl, Breathe, and Good-bye Baby’ but perhaps…

A lot of people are disappointed with this mini. For some reason I can’t get into Miss A. I like their personalities and they have great dance abilities but their music doesn’t do anything to me. I like their debut song but that’s about it.