Taeyang what in almighty fucks do u got on? It’s just as bad when he had that denim one piece on in the airport. And those braids…..Bruh this ain’t the 90’s!

And G-Dragon your outfit ain’t that bad, just that bandanna and earrings. I can actually tolerate your jacket.

It’s about time we form a prayer circle for Ji and Bae cuz them latest IG pics are str8 fuckery. They’ve been watching to many WSHH videos. Like @kenyaqueen (check out her tumblr) says they sold themselves to the ratchet devil. smh.

Don’t think I’m hatin cuz I’m not. I’m just saying this out of a place of love.

Gawd Bae and Ji looked so fuckin ratchet! *sighs*

But anyways Big Bang slayed….like always :)

Yes this GD interview for XXL was really good. He was speaking the truth and threw some shade. lol.

Just saw GD comeback performances and he looks so ridiculous. lol.

The hair, outfits, and don’t get me started on them extra tattoos on his right arm.

The whole time I was like:


So GD has his yellow/blonde hair in cornrows