+The QUEEN Missy drops her snippet of "9th Inning" feat. Timbaland


Chrissy goes INN for the BEST VOCAL TRAINING from SETH RIGGS for Upcoming album



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*claps* I’m so happy Chrissy got a vocal coach. Christina is my favorite singer but you gotta admit that since her Bionic era her vocals have been kind of off. Her voice is still strong but whenever she would go for those signature belts and long notes she either couldn’t sustain like she used to or it would come out bad. People have always said she had a bad technique, which I didn’t notice till the Bionic era when she would sing live, but it’s good she noticed it and is taking action. I know when she comes back her vocals will be better than ever and hopefully people will stop saying she’s “yelling and screaming”.

(Source: knightofscorpio)