+ YouTube Cancels Billions of Video Views after Finding They Had Been "Faked By Music Industy"
+Knight of Scorpio: How I feel about Christina Aguliera's current musical status


I don’t care if she sells a million albums, honestly I don’t. I’m old school, I care about the TALENT & QUALITY. I know she doesn’t really care for selling records anymore either, though sometimes I don’t really understand her on that because “Bionic” didn’t sell well & she had been recording that…

Agreed. Everything u stated, you and I have already discussed so u know how I feel :)

I see shade…



+Knight of Scorpio: The Voice vs. X-Factor


I’m not necessarily even gonna go on about the Simon Cowell comments on “The Voice” & Christina.

Let’s just got at it at this angle.

For one, No one from X-Factor should be taking any shots at “The Voice”, X-Factor is just like idol, they start out getting a whole bunch of people that KNOW GOOD…

Yessss for this whole post!

Simon is being ridiculous right now b/c he’s trying to make 1999 happen all over again. smh. I wish Britney would tell him to stfu but I know she’s not *le sighs*