+PryvateiD Filez: Open letter about Chris Brown


I think I’m gonna say this, & 1 time only. Now…. I was really not gonna comment on this at all. Because I really don’t care that much. But it’s like every time I turn around, I see something about this dude. Let me put out a disclaimer 1st before I truly start this post, I am not a Chris Brown…


I was actually telling myself earlier that Chris Brown needs his twitter confiscated or monitored. He’s doing the absolute most. smh. What gets to me is that he retweets people like Russel Simmons who tell him not to respond and ignore them but he never follows their advice. Like did he learn anything from the court ordered anger management sessions? I like his music, not as much as I like his past music, but he needs to grow up. He’s still in that boy mentality, it’s time for him to be a man. I was watching KidFury earlier and he said that people are gonna talk about that incident forever. They do it with Michael Jackson and that child molestation case, Whitney and her drug problems, R.Kelly and his sexual acts with a 13 yr old, etc. I just want him to accept, move on, and just be quiet.

(Source: knightofscorpio)

+ED-TWO: Common vs. Drake


A lot of people are talkin about this beef that’s goin on between Com and Drake, and in a nutshell, I’ve been mostly seeing 3 types of reactions:

  1. Common bodied Drake
  2. Common and Drake are nothing alike, so this beef is stupid
  3. Common is washed up and is tryna resurrect his career (no pun…