Everyone talks about how Asha Hayes doesn’t “look mixed”, but the actual actress, Taylour Paige, has a white father? #Ignorance.
She says she’s “black, antiguan, irish, creole.”

Wow, she and her dad are practically twins…

They have a similar nose, but I would have never guessed she was any parts white, let alone half.
Kind of weird she says black and antiguan. Its like saying black and Jamaican.

She has his nose and eye/forehead shape.

"you dont look mixed" means “your skin is too dark to be anything but black." people dont take into account people features.
To all Black girls


Your hair is beautiful.

It doesn’t matter if you rock natural kinks and curls

or weaves, wigs and sew-ins.

Don’t let nobody tell you shit.

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It’s really weird when people say things like “..for a Black girl.”

“You’re really funny…for a Black girl.”

“You have soft hair…for a Black girl.”

“For a Black girl who used to live in a rough neighborhood, you’re not that ghetto.”

Like what makes you think I will take that shit as a complement? 

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they never understand black hair