• Anonymous1) (I hope you don't mind this personal message) I'm bisexual and my "ex-friends" are homophobic (I'm not hanging out with them anymore I finished my school so there's no reason aand that's why I don't have friends anymore) they are really homophobic and they are making fun of other orientations (which is so immature!!!)but I think some of them noticed because I've always said that I don't care with who I'm gonna be (like a partner) and I've never said "with a boy"
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    2) (I know Harry said a lot of time “not gender inserted” or said him that was when I understood Harry isn’t straight or he was thinking about boys/Louis” I think some of them get it but I don’t have a courage to say it that I like boys and girls too. My parents doesn’t know and I don’t think I will ever tell them (even when they are really supportive in everything i’m going into) I don’t feel like telling them.

    3) I don’t think I have a right to “come out” because a lot of people told me that bisexual isn’t that “much” like lesbian or gay. But I feel like it’s a big thing to me that…I like girls. (maybe I sound stupid but I struggle right now with words) I wish I could find people who are ok with other orientations and who understands and isn’t making fun of it. I think that’s why I stick and love H+L fandom because these people are just great.

    4) I can’t imagine how it must be for Louis and Harry to be everyday seen by milions of people and have this thing on their chests.


    "I don’t think I have a right to "come out" because a lot of people told me that bisexual isn’t that "much" like lesbian or gay."

    NO. FUCK THAT SHIT. Anon, you are making me cry. Lots of people are made to feel that way. But you listen to me—you absolutely have the right to your own sexuality, and you absolutely have the right to come out if you want to. And you absolutely have the right to say ‘I like girls’, no matter what anyone says. Please know that. You don’t have to look like anybody’s preconceived and ignorant ideas of what you must be, to be who you want to be.

    and if your friends are uncomfortable—that is THEIR problem, not yours. They are the narrow minded people living in a limited world. Not you.

    And I promise you—the more you embrace you who are, the bigger and more colorful your world will become. 

    The rainbow most definitely belongs to you.

    And I promise you that the more you say ‘I like girls’, the easier it becomes.

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    Yes anon fuck that bullshit!!! Leave that biphobia alone ok! I swear I used to feel the same way but its ok to embrace who you are and the people who tell you that youre greedy/dont exist/etc to your face can fuck the FUCK off srsly. Embrace loving all genders babe :)

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