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My issue with the footage of Chris Brown not standing for Frank Ocean, though he was still clapping which…congrats Chris for not being all the way pressed, is how it’s being blown up into something more than it is. Chris Brown is an asshole. Water is also wet. Duh. He also is an asshole who has personal beef with Frank Ocean. Instead of reading his actions (or inaction) as a bigger sociocultural problem (and homophobia IS a big ass sociocultural problem….let’s not), I read it in the context of the relationship between those two people, fucked up as it may be. Beef is never pretty. Always problematic. Also, notice how everyone else is supporting Frank, standing and applauding, crazy supportive of his win? Therein lies the difference. 

Idris Elba’s Golden Globe win for “Luther” was not a supported one, if you were to go by the footage of the audience during his speech. No one is clapping or looking particularly proud of him. He is literally a lone wolf in this Hollywood game. And that’s fucked up. That’s racism, folks. He is up against the Juggernaut of Hollywood (which kinda explains why no one really knows who he is despite the fact that he is uber-talented). I’m more concerned for his artistic well-being than I am Frank’s tbh. 

So, with that said. If you want to use Chris’s refusal to stand up for Frank Ocean as proof that he continues to be an asshole, go ahead. But he’s not the absolute worst. He doesn’t have enough power for that to be remotely true. And no I’m not defending that mothafucka Chris, so don’t even bring that shit here. I will hurt your feelings. 

Okay, I’m done.


YASSSS!! All of this. 

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