Ask a Black Man: Episode 4- Marriage (Extended Version)

This is some ignorant shit I just watched. I swear if men really  think like this imma be single for the rest of my life.

Fuck all these dudes, except the one in the button up and the one on the far left, the other 3 can get shipped off to an island and never return. 

The married guy says ”women are selfish” & yet the whole video was them talking about how a women should basically always please her man. He also said  "If u know your wife/partner knows u love to work out, but she still don’t work out, is she worth being faithful too?" -__- BITCH WHAT?! Bless his wife cuz I couldn’t be with him.

What really got to me was the last question. The woman asked “would they leave their wife if they found out she was barren (can’t have children)?” the 3 whom I said can get shipped off to an island said “yes”. Da fuq? Chile……..they ain’t shit! 

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    Girl yes April. I can’t w/ none of these coons. Well the 2 dudes on the end, & the one in the middle are pretty cool....
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