I love Christina Aguilera


and I will never stop loving her. No matter what size she is, no matter how unpopular she may seem to other people, no matter her record sales, no matter the clothes she wears, or how many times she changes her hair, no matter the fluctuations in her voice, no matter the ranges of musical styles she goes through, if she puts out a few fun songs, I will always love her.

I respect her artistry, I am touched by her voice, I am touched by her music, I am touched by her artistry, I am touched by her strong will to not change under fame and be the same person she was before she stepped into the industry, I respect her work ethic & creative progress in putting together an album, I respect her love to genuinely give her heart and soul into everything she does including charity’s, I respect her being the voice to the people who are overshadowed and are told their opinion doesn’t matter, and most of all, I adore her personality.

Just a simple note, but I felt urged to do so. A fan since 1998, and now it’s almost 15 years later at 2013 and I’m as much as fan if not more than when my ears 1st experienced the magic that is her voice. Ms. Aguilera you are beautiful both inside and out, and are generally loved. Thanks for being you.



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