Important people in Black History; day 1; Madam CJ Walker




Madam CJ Walker (birth name Sarah Breedlove)  was the first female self made millionaire in the USA. She had developed hair and beauty products especially made for black women.

She was born of freed slaves in 1867. As she was orphaned as a young child, she had to wash clothes to support herself and her siblings. She was married (to a man who died soon after) and had a daughter (named Lelia) After she moved to St. Louis with her daughter, she began formulating products that would help hair grow. She married Charles J. Walker, and then moved to Pittsburgh, where she there opened a beauty school. Afterwards, she started a factory in Indianapolis, where 3,000 PoC worked. 

Throughout her life, she was an advocate for the rights of black people, including opening a school with Mary McLeod Bethune for black girls. 

she passed away of kidney disease in 1919, at the age of 52.

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