On idols, dating, and misogyny


This whole ordeal with Minegishi Minami’s scandal is utterly revolting.

(If you somehow still haven’t heard the news, just google or check tumblr tag already, more than enough posts to fill you in.)

What particularly struck me is how much Miichan has been reduced almost to a criminal, pleading guilty with her shaved head.

For what???

What heinous crime has Miichan committed?

For daring to, le gasp, DATE SOMEONE? How dare she??

I know about the no-dating rule. But that is an excuse, not a justification.

The problem is not management. The problem is the idol industry, built around dehumanizing young girls for the mass consumption by male wotas. They drive the industry, which depends on their money. (Normal/sane people do not bulk-buy thousands of copies of singles or photobooks.) As a result, it is not a silly rule that bans girls from dating, it is a very real necessity in survival.

This is female oppression.

Wotas who are crying that their idol has betrayed them, that they have loved them only to be betrayed. And became angry. And became bitter.

Please, you do not have the right to own another human being. No one does. Do you think you’re God or something?

Your idol does not even know you exist. You don’t deserve a real, live, human girl if all you want is an elaborate deity to masturbate to. Pathetic.

Finally, I understand the adamant refusal of some to support groups like AKB48. Although I do not think that is a solution either. Maybe one day, technology will be advanced enough to create realistic robots to cater to the fancies of misogynistic wotas. Like real vocaloids.

But I finally understand that we are supporting a harmful industry, one that objectifies and demoralizes women.

I’m sad that a young girl’s career has to be sacrificed because she was seeing someone. I’m sad that, in this industry, girls are forced to choose between their career and love (the realistic and sustainable choice obviously being career). And mostly, I’m sad that in these kinds of scandals, the male gets to walk free while the female is outlawed.

But just imagine how much more an AKB48 member has to go through daily. Young girls who just like the sing and dance grow up to the realization that they are nothing without pandering to male fantasies. Why is it like this? I ask myself. Why? I don’t know. Maybe someone else can think of a solution.

The only silver lining in this situation: Somehow, I hope that a miracle can happen and Miichan will be okay, and AKB48 will be able to set some new (reasonable) precedent for these kinds of situations.

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