My perception of Dawn Richard’s “GoldheartHeart” Album



If you listen to Dawn’s “Goldenheart” in a chill period, like a hour or so before you go to sleep, you’ll realize the epicness. It took me about a week to get into the album, then it took me till last night to realize the full epicness. You have to follow the story in the lyrics. Make a connection to it, & see it through her eyes. Then see the flow of that w/ the production & her vocals. Each album of her trilogy will take about 3 parts of a war. The beginning (before hand), middle (the war), the end (afterward).

Beginning - GoldenHeart, Middle - BlackHeart, End - RedemptionHeart

As far as I see…

GoldenHeart - Most emotional. Ballad-filled. Those moments before you do something challenging. When you get butterflies. Like those moments before reading a speech in front of a class, or before a performance.

BlackHeart - The war, when people get killed. Probably more dark music, more emotion leaning towards what’s going on during the event. Probably learning towards something like “Pretty Wicked Things.” Not necessarily the lyrical content of “Pretty Wicked Things” clearly, but the type of dark sound she displayed in the song. Like a grungy, rock, funk (possibly) like music.

RedemptionHeart - After war. The celebration, partly. When you realize what you’ve learned from the war. Tributing those who passed on. Showing the stronger person from the war, the now warrior. Also, coming to terms with what you have just witnessed, your transformation into a new, better you.

In conclusion, sometimes the best things requires a lot of time, challenge, & possibly have to grow on you for you to realize their epicness. I originally didn’t really like the album. Not fromt he snippets, I thought it was amazing in the snippets. But when I got the album, I was like hmmm… Now I love songs/music by different elements, vocals, lyrics, production, theme, etc. Sometimes I don’t even connect to the lyrics & story of certain songs &  music, but the artist SANGS it so well, it’s like I can feel there pain, & see where they were going through. Sometimes it’s both separately, in this case with Dawn & Goldenheart.

1st off,  I originally loved “Pretty Wicked Things” over everything, then when “86” video really realized, & she performed it during album release week, I loved it. Dawn’s one of those artist that you may not like one of her songs, but when she puts out a video for it, or performs it live, you LOVE IT! That’s talent. I think with “Armor On”, some of us where catered to expecting more thumping, heavy dance like songs like, “Automatic, “Faith” (my fave), & “Bombs.” These are great songs, but we have to listen to her interviews about her album description to understand & love the work of art that is “GoldenHeart.” 

“Return of the Queen” right off the back was my fave, the vocals & production, CRAZY. Then, there was “Ode to “You.” “Goldenheart” (Self-titled track) is so beautiful. It’s like a classical masterpiece. Sounds like something you’d see somebody do a mini solo scene from a musical too, or something you’d see somebody doing a ballet or classical dancing piece where they express a story through dance too, kind of like Dawn did with the “Automatic” video. I love the challenge Dawn gave me with “GoldenHeart”  & I can see the beauty in it all. I remember her saying via. a Ustream, even if you don’t like a song, at least understand the lyrics (& journey), which I took & applied & now I see how Amazing the album is, & her extraordinary talent as a artist.

“Goldenheart” definitely deserves the 4.5-5 star ratings. Don’t count it out, it’s not bubble gum pop music, it’s something that you can live with through a life time, & you can take with you at various points & situations in your life. It’s truly a cinematic, epic (look up the true meaning of the word as it relates to literature) masterpiece. Great work Dawn.


Excellent review. Def will check out her music. 

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