Kitty Pryde | “Okay Cupid”

What is lethargic hell is this shit? Ya know, I’mma say this. Kreayshawn can’t rap for shit. But at least she tried to have some kinda flow. This bitch is just talking to a beat. Is that what it takes to be, and I quote, “the best rapper alive”? Shieeettt, let me get on Garage Band and make my mixtape debut. I can do that shit…. This is why y’all can’t be great.


Posted on January 25th at 9:09 PM
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    this is not fucking rap this is disrespect to rap
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    …Basically this is a video about what white hipster girls do all day, and the song was fucking trash.
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    Ironic hipster racism strikes again. This is what happens when you try to profit from a genre that you don’t respect.
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    This has to be a joke? because it’s hilarious. What is this video? I can’t.
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    And had the nerve to have an X-Man’s name…..dispicable!
  13. incogneglo said: Wait…she has over 750,000 views and one of them is mine. I’m so sad that I contributed to her 15 seconds…
  14. everythingrhymeswithalcohol said: flow is so nonexistent as to be negative.
  15. brittbratters said: NOPE NOPE NOPE.
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