SECRET’s Song Ji Eun says, “Jeon Hyo Sung saved me from big injuries”



SECRET’s Song Ji Eun spoke of the car accident the group recently had in SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on January 22. 

She said, “On our way back home, the car we were riding was turned over. We were having chocolate bars as we found ourselves really depressed that day. The car hit a guardrail along the road and fell about 5 meters down. When I recovered from short unconsciousness, I was hanging in the car wreck with my lower part of body inside and upper part outside. I was so scared that I burst into crying. Then Jeon Hyo Sung said, ‘You’ll be all right. Don’t cry and calm down. I’ll help you get out of there’”. Then someone in the car moved her leg, which made me feel like I’m falling off from the car. I cried out of fear, “Don’t move your legs. But it was Jeon, who was on the move in order to rescue me. Anyway, thanks to her help, I was least injured among the members. I’d really appreciate her help with all my heart”.

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