I think bang , gd, yb etc needs to do a bit more research & realize that they shouldn’t aim to “appreciate” black culture through the artists today…*trindad James .. Cringes*
go back years. Tupac, Biggie, NWA, etc, or even some indie arie for soul and observe the content of the song not the videos they oogled at when they were younger.. Idk just my thoughts .

Agreed. What they need to do is stop looking at today’s mainstream rap artist (99.9% of them promote foolishness; the ones that aren’t mainstream are good tho) and assume that’s what black culture is and that’s how black people act or dress. They also need to understand that black culture doesn’t just equal hip hop/r&b, it’s way more than that. Black culture means the cultures of people of african descent around the world, not just black american culture. 

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