I’m Blessed

After hearing about two youtube personalities and their struggles (one committed suicide  FreddyE aka JerkTv and the other has battled with depression his whole life Mysticgotjokes) I realized how blessed I am, don’t get me wrong I’ve always known this but idk it really hit me the other day. I’ve come across so many people on tumblr or classmates who’ve been sexually, emotionally, and physically abused, have attempted suicide/ had suicidal thoughts or just battled with mental issues. Me on the other hand…..I’ve never experienced any of these types of pains. I’ve never had to really worry about anything in my 20 yrs of life. The only thing I’ve worried about is  is weather or not I’m gonna pass a class and that ain’t shit compared to what my classmates and people on tumblr have gone through. 

I have two parents (who’ve went through some things like the ones listed above) who genuinely love and care for me, I live in a good neighborhood, went to good schools, have everything I need, etc. 

Life has been good to me. I don’t know pain or struggles. I’ve never had to deal with it and I don’t take that for granted. 

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  • #life #pain #struggles #oh yeah i forgot the only thing i also deal with is self esteem issues but clearly it's nothing severe since i forgot about it #thankful #blessed
  • 1 year ago