I really don’t understand SK and their beauty standards.

They flat out call people ugly, which results in people getting plastic surgery, then they wanna bash them not being natural or too plastic. What?!

I’m pretty sure if they didn’t call people ugly and didn’t have this one idea of beauty, plastic surgery wouldn’t be as big as it is now over there.

I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery, but it makes me sad when I see Koreans that think they NEED it in order to be beautiful. My fav girl group BEG was like that. Their before pictures were fine, but the pressure of society got to them (they prob won’t tell u this but c’mon they were 26 when they debuted and never had any work done till after their debut so….) and they decided to go under the knife. They now say they feel more confident and beautiful 0_o. Well at least they’re honest.

Dammit SK I know y’all a homogenous country but it’s 2012! People come in all shapes and forms.Y’all need to get with it.

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  • 1 year ago
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