Give It To Me- YDG ft The Quiett and Dok2

I’m sorry, no I’m not lol, but I just had the greatest laugh. Like what is this? Here go Dok2 with his typical “I’m gangsta” fuckery. He know damn well he ain’t bout that life. YDG at the end 0_o….I just have no words for him, and The Quiett sweetheart why were u involved in this foolishness?

Chile let’s tlk bout the chorus. It’s so dreadful. "Mercedes, Mercedes, Mer.., Mer.., Mercedes". Naw. It ain’t working.

Tell these fools to get off worldstar. Oh and bless that girl trying to shake her ass (I swear I’ve seen her somewhere before). smh.

Posted on December 16th at 11:57 PM
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    LMAOOO I could not with this song….
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