You know I was feeling and following this guy till the 11 min mark when he started talking bout homosexuality. It went from being informational to sounding like a hate speech. Calling gay people “mentally sick” and that marriage is only between a woman and man. The so called “mentally sick” people I do know have more sense than the str8 people I know. And I find marriage to be between two people who love each other, sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. It’s funny cuz back in the day folks used to think the same way bout interracial marriage, they would say these crazy “facts” to prove that people who do date outside their race are “sick”, now in days no would dare say the things their grandparents/ great parents used to. So he can have several seats with his ignorance on homosexuality.

Dead around 17 min he talks about Tyler Perry purchasing American Airlines turns out the article was from a humor blog thus making this story fake. How in the world are u a Dr. and feeding people false stuff. Sir….

Other than those two things he was pretty interesting.

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  • 1 year ago