Dead the President and the first family gives zero fucks about what Psy said. The White House deleted the petition to get him removed from the festivities. lmao.

A person on Hallyu8 said it best:

I like his apology because frankly he is not sorry for what he said but more how he said it. He is free to hate America. Yes, I don’t agree with singing “Kill our children, fathers, etc” because inherently he is protesting America killing innocent folks while also saying innocents folks should die… Nonetheless, if he is not for American policy and is against our stance in the middle East, he is justified to do so. Innocent people die at the hands of our self entitled arses. We condemn terrorism yet terrorize. No one should apologize for pointing out that shit.

I agree, but I don’t think he hates America though, he was not for the foreign policy (take note his performance was from 2004, and 2004 = Bush administration and we all know how bad foreign relations were during his tenure). But everything else this commenter is absolutely correct.

Also I’m laughing at all the hypocritical folks. They wanna say “America is a piece of shit, ignorant, etc.” but so is every other country. Kpop fans need to stop acting Korean like ain’t ignorant either. Trust me, being black and the constant bull shit their media stereotypes us as proves it. I known damn well if a foreigner said something crazy like what Psy said towards Korea they would be pissed. Remember the Jay Park incident? Yeah. So shut your mouth. Look the way Psy worded it was dead ass wrong, so he shouldn’t get the “oppa didn’t mean” it foolishness. But he apologized, now whether is sounds sincere is up to you.

Alright I’m done talking bout this.

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