About Me: Skinny girls beware at who you call ‘fat’. For a year Christina…


Skinny girls beware at who you call ‘fat’. For a year Christina Aguilera lambasted Kelly Osbourne about her weight, albeit Kelly started the feud. All the weight Kelly lost, Christina gained and then some. And I remember when Xtina said she no longer fancied Mark McGrath because he got big. I was…

Kelly Osborne started the feud. She said Christina is one of the most disgusting human being in the entire world, said she wanted to stab herself because she didn’t like Christina’s singing, said she’s seen drag queens that look better than her, etc. When Christina tried talking to her, Kelly ignored her. Christina NEVER called Kelly fat and there is no proof she ever did. Kelly (again, she starts stuff) began fat shaming Christina after years of no insults from either party.

I need receipts she called her fat and I’ve never heard anything about her saying that about Mark McGrath, when u google it nothing pops up.

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