What’s up with older white men constantly hitting on me?

When I say older I’m talking bout men around my dad’s age and higher.

The other day at Captain D’s this guy held the door open for me and was staring me up and down while biting his lips and then tired to talk to me……………

At Wal-Mart a white male (who was seriously old enough to be my grandpa) asked me “what’s a pretty girl like you alone?”. He proceeded to try to get me to go on a lunch date with him (saying he has no companion in his life) and was asking personal questions like what school I went to, what music do I listen to, do I have a bf, etc.

Then at my old hair salon a white male, around my dad’s age, stopped by and said I was pretty. Didn’t phase me at first but then he started saying some crazy stuff and making sexual noises at me 0_o. Of course my old hairdresser ain’t say shit (her trick ass)

Like chill yo.

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  • 1 year ago