Add to all of this the headline-making fact that Rihanna appears to be dating Chris Brown again, returning to her abuser as many abuse victims do, and it’s obvious why Brown elicits so much more vitriol than do other superfamous violent men—and it has very little to do with his race. Where racism (and classism) does seem to creep into the equation, however, is in how Jenny Johnson and others apparently can’t get enough of condescending to Brown and his fans. Consider the way that Johnson points and laughs at Team Breezy’s slang, or how she believes calling Brown a “worthless piece of shit” is a high-minded “difference of opinion,” while Team Breezy’s insults are the crude work of idiots and losers. Then there’s the tweet in which Johnson, after sending Brown into a rage, begs of him to “get some help. Seriously,” as if calling an obviously troubled and violent man a “worthless piece of shit” was just her way of trying to compel him to get the in-depth and intense professional therapy he so obviously needs. Beyond Johnson there’s the people tweeting to Brown that he should kill himself, that Brown is “a worthless nigger,” and, somehow, even worse things, things which try to mock Brown while also mocking Brown’s beating of Rihanna.

On hating Chris Brown.

All of this especially the stuff in bold.

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