“Little Dreamer”, a song by Christina Aguilera only available on the iTunes deluxe version of Bionic. Songs like this, the title track, “Elastic Love”, and bonus tracks “Bird Of Prey” and “Monday Morning”, show what the album was meant to be: an ambitious electro-pop album by one of the best voices of pop music. However, with meddling from record executives, songs like “Not Myself Tonight”, “Desnudate”, “Vanity”, “I Hate Boys”, and “Bobblehead” were added to the album, and gave it the image it has today: the failure of a popstar trying to conform to the newer ideas and trends in the music scene. One wonders how the album would’ve been (critically and commercially) if her original musical vision was kept.

I love this song, actually. The fact that people thought this album was a Lady Gaga ripoff means they weren’t really listening. 

See I always had a feeling that Bionic was supposed to sound more like “Elastic Love”, “Little Dreamer”, “Birds of Prey”, etc. While I like “NMT”, “Vanity”, “Bobblehead”, etc I always felt that for some reason they weren’t supposed to be included. They just sounded too mainstream compared to the other tracks. Not surprised though b/c I remember Lady Tron basically said RCA fucked up on this album, and that her original version was her vision. Damn record executives.

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