I’m sooooo tired of my bum ass cousin! My grandmother is sick (nothing extreme) 82 yr old woman and he’s taking advantage of her, but she don’t see it.

Gawd I CAN’T STAND HIM WITH A PASSION! He’s 30+ yr old man with no job, no high school diploma or GED, has 3 kids, LOVES being on welfare and food stamps, and cares about only himself.

I wanna cuss his lazy ass out so bad! I will call him every single degrading name in the book, hell I’ll even come up with some new words. My mother is better than I. She says she don’t get into it cuz she’s trying to maintain her sanity (my grandma be putting her through it) and not get my grandma upset, which I understand, BUT let that be me……oh feelings will be hurt and folks will be dragged.

I’m a calm person but if u mess with my mom, dad, or grandma you will meet my wrath. Don’t go around disrespecting folks and not expect anything in return.

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  • 1 year ago