While we’re at it, let’s point out how…




K-Pop and J-Pop’s BIGGEST SELLING POINT appropriates from Black American culture, particularly the aesthetics of hip-hop and rap, from the fashion to the dance.

Let’s talk about that.

All those “Oops blackface!” incidents aren’t cute either. Let’s talk about the fucked up mindset it takes to say our cultural products are worth everything & still hate our skin color.

let’s bring up the fans who defend k-pop and blackface by saying shit like, “oh they aren’t aware” or “they just don’t understand” when that is complete bullshit because its one of the most wired countries and they can’t look up why it’s not okay? they know it’s not okay, but they do it anyway because they keep ‘getting away with it’.

and not only that, but let’s talk about the fans who ALSO sit here and say they don’t like american rap, or hip-hop when k-pop is an exploited version of black american music.

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    ^ Thats that shit I don’t like
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    They are not copying Black Americans, they are copying R and B artists who are predominantly Black Americans. … … … So...
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