Your ass is grass

African American Proverb indicating that the subject is in trouble.  Sometimes followed by “And I’m the lawnmower.” (Via dr-killjoy )
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Full Video….. Cinnamon apple type shit. This nigga funny and I guess she got her mind right when started talking bout posting them videos and pictures on FB lmaoooooo



Cinnamon Apple dude is back with an extended cut. There really is no end to this dude’s bitch like tendencies.


Females always choose the wrong nigga over the tight nigga

But why is this in New York thooooo

But then she walked right past that nigga like he didn’t exist… this nigga tin man now.

This too cold

MY FUCKIN CINNAMON APPLE is back with the extended clip. This is so NY.

She ain’t say shit til he hit her with the nude leak. Grimy.

IDC how mad you are bruh, never leak the nudes. That shit is unforgivable


The fucking WORST.

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Leave that baby alone. She is 3 and her hair is fine. It’s gross to me that she is the butt of these cruel jokes. She’s a black baby with kinky hair, thats what kinky hair looks like. I like how people assume this little girl’s hair isn’t combed like have you seen what happens if you dont comb your hair? It becomes a matted mess, and her little fro with the bow in it is definitely not a matted mess. Her hair is combed she’s just black. A black child no less and y’all out here putting out petitions and shit, that’s so disrespectful and gross. Little black girls with kinky hair need to be protected and cherished since it’s clear even as babies they are targets for internalized racism and white supremacy.

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On the biphobia in the LGBT community:

Thanks for coming to our safe spaces. Our only safe spaces, which are forced to be a digital and non-physical location because we are forced out of “safe spaces” that claim to be lgbt spaces. Thanks for shoving us out of pride parades. Thanks for keeping us away from GSA. Thanks for refusing to respect our identities. Thanks for invalidating the discrimination we face by telling us our discrimination is just collateral from your discrimination. Thanks for being insulted when we use the word ‘monosexism’ and still thinking it’s okay to call us “breeders”. 

On the biphobia outside the LGBT community:

Thanks for claiming you accept all sexual identities until I tell you I’m bisexual. Thanks for being what you claim is accepting of bisexuality, which is actually sexualizing, objectifying, and fetishizing our women and claiming our men are confused and not actually bisexual. Thanks for showing us that this new movement of improving acceptance for sexual minorities has no room for us.

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106 & Park got suspended for a week? Ha! That’s what they dumb asses get for trying to come at a babies natural hair. 

Fuck eurocentric beauty standards and fuck self hate. 

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