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Let this SM & Jessica situation be proof to y’all delusional Kpop fans that there’s no such thing as  SM/YG/ETC Family. At the end of the day these companies view their idols as nothing but money making machines.THAT’S IT!

SM has shown their ass time and time again. Flashback to H.O.T (late 90s early 00’s), Shinhwa, etc. Yet y’all still wanna stan for that company. Bye! SM ain’t shit and never will be. 

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Following recent events this year, from Kris’ lawsuit scandal, to Baekhyun’s manipulation scandal, and now Jessica’s alleged drop from their company, SM Entertainment has officially decided to change their name:


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Lord I hope Angel Haze works on her internalized racism and learns to embrace her blackness. She’s actually a talented rapper its such a waste.

how does one “embrace their blackness”?
by doing what? not saying rad or wicked or sweet? or skate boarding? or doing shit i genuinely like to do.
is blackness what they show on television? should i not speak like i’ve got a working knowledge of the english language? no? shoot more?

why do i need to submit to or fit the racial profile OUR OPPRESSORS gave us.

youre absolutely mental if you think im not going to take what life has to offer me, educate myself, not look down on other people, and live to the fullest extent possible? i am not a race, not a gender, i am an individual.

work on embracing a life outside your ethnic background, work on integration, work on peace, work on escaping mental slavery, work on abolishing stereotypes, not keeping segregation (even in regards to personas) alive.


Oh god, did Zoe Saldana hack her tumblr? She thinks she’s “beyond blackness” because she’s got “a working knowledge of the English language?” This snowflake thinks Blackness is exclusive from skateboarding. Somebody’s mad their own internalized racism is showing. 

Thank god, now I don’t have a reason to feel sorry for her poor album sales. 

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Your not any less of a black girl if you don’t have a booty.

Your not any less of a black girl if you can’t dance.

Your not any less of a black girl if you don’t have any curves.

I find a lot of black girls feeling complacent if they do not have these certain attributes, that almost seem synonyms to Black Women. Your blackness is not and should not be defined by this.

I also see a lot of people, black or non black, who help perpetrate these stereotypes and it needs to end.

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Tinashe has been seducing everyone with her sultry R&B over the past year or so, and she’s prepping the release of her highly anticipated debut album Aquarius out next week. Having already teamed up with the likes of Schoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky, the singer has enlisted the wizardry of Dev Hynes on latest cut ‘Bet’. Her gorgeous vocal tones are given the perfect backdrop as Hynes lays down an absolutely electrifying guitar solo to close the track. Listen up!

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  • taehyunisbaeTo that anon who talked about f(x) Victoria being racist I'm gonna let you know now that basically (4/5) members of f(x) have said anti-black shit. Luna said she would never date a black guy because "They're black" but she will dance with black people like we're some type of joke and Victoria said "Dark skin is ugly" she doesn't find us attractive at all then Krystal's ole ass said "Luna would blend in with Africans bc she's dark" and the cherry on top amber saying "niggas" by f(x)lisha.
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Black Woman in Korea: Sex and Fantasy #FAIL [Day 1]
This is actually relevant for women of color that are traveling anywhere in the world. If they ain’t on you ‘cause your black, they are on you ‘cause you’re black AMERICAN.

"No, I can’t teach you how to dougie. Bye."

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Seeing Amber Rose get slandered yesterday was disgusting. 

She was getting called “hoe”, “thot”, “not loyal”, etc. (yet a couple of days ago she was bad and y’all would still hit if she let you) like people know what went on in her relationship. She said he cheated and if he did I say kudos to her for not sticking around and not taking it. 

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RIP To the Shmoney Dance

It is officially dead and gone.

Thank you for participating

Wow, these white people really said they invented the “Shmoney Dance”.

They literally have got no chill ‘columbusing’ everything Black People come up with. Why white people? Why don’t you have any creativity or morals.

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